2011 Exhibition

2 Meter große Eidechse vor See

2011 Kunstwerk Werkkunst XVII in Reinbek (near Hamburg)
The artists work creates a rupture in cultural space and challenges the observer to dispute with oneselfs own alienation as well as to environmental alienation.
Yehudit Sasportas

1997 Ausstellung

Eidechse im Wasser

Werner A. Schöffel curated a small exhibition of four artists (Dr. M. Krampen, U. Sanwald, H. Steffe und E. Eibelshäuser) in Ulm in 1997 on the occasion of the opening of new premises. Schöffel entered the overgrown autumn garden and buried his digitalized lizard (digital print, laminated in a zinc tub; 200 cm x 85 cm).

The artwork is in private ownership.