Who left the lane? The red ribbon shows where he had been. In search of him only his former presence will be revealed. He won’t return, he only leaves something behind.

Strictly speaking the philosophic question is not anymore Who am I truly? but Where am I now? Paul Virilio ·Rasender Stillstand· (Racing Standstill)

The movie was realised based on a walking tour along the Möhne barrier lake from August 22nd until 24th, 2012. The tour passed form the font to the water mouth. The project was selected by the jury „Möhnewandel im Bilde“ (changes of the Möhne in pictures) at July 19th 2012.

Flight control: Peter Mora
Cutter: Daniela Heigl
Idea & realisation & copyright: Werner Schöffel
Music & sounds: Simon McCorry, Ken Shirley and Joseph Carbone (helicopter)