2012 Ausstellung

die ausgestellte Arbeit

·vagari· in Morgenland Gallery, Hamburg
a group exhibition from August 17th until September 5th 2012

2010 Ausstellung

das ausgestellte Bild 2010

August 2010

Excerpt of the opening address by Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer, exhibition 2010 ·Gewinn machen· (Realising profit) at Kunsthaus, Hamburg:

·vagari· behaves contrary to such an industrially ready-made existence as has been generated by modern civilisation. This project shows with care the price to pay for such an existence: not feeling a sense of belonging, not having a home in the world of things. ·vagari· that is not so much the stranger but the other, the vagrant and not integrated in contrast to the human who settled for the current property situation of society and therefore also for the mentality which is dedicated to the pursuit of profit and which consumes romanticism.

2008 Ausstellung

Am Eingang zur Ausstellung 2008

April 2008

At the entrance to the gallery exhibition: A shoelace is the most important utensil for walking. Without it the shoe and the walking are worthless.

About hiking
It is the immediacy which makes hiking so pleasant: the hiker does not need anything but himself and a good pair of shoes. Of all the things which are needed daily nothing is left but what fits into a rucksack. Personal needs are reduced to the essential: drink, food, clothes. Strangely enough, exactly these basic needs are what lets us experience what it means to be human. Temporarily rid of the routine of everyday life the hiker faces the world without pressure of time, without the obligation to be somewhere at a specific point of time in order to do something. He eats when he is hungry, he drinks when he is thirsty, he speaks when he can afford the breath, he digests when he must and he sleeps when he is tired.* Hiking can be a parable of life: life is intensive when we make an effort, the path is awesome when we take risks. Finally, for life as well as for good hiking weather one needs a bit of luck.

*quoted from the epilogue of the dtv paperback ·Die Kunst des Wanderns·, editor Alexander Knecht, 3rd edition, May 1998