2001 Designer's Saturday

2001 Designer's Saturday im Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof

Designers' Saturday, Stuttgart, October 13/14, 2001

Werner A. Schöffel used within the robotizing project the digital roundshot camera for his work on the topic of duelling. The high·tech camera scanned from an unrespecting closeness; in slow motion. Two persons pulled on each other's ears, noses; they tugged hair and eyelids. They boxed, jerked, strangled one another without causing any injuries. The visual product was completely unforseeable then, since the idea was realized as an unrehearsed live event - in the open laboratory. The images present two unidentifiable and unrecognizable persons since the camera records the images line by line. The result is a tangle of human bodies. The clear dividing line between attacker and attacked, perpetrator and victim has vanished.