2011 Ausstellung

August 27th and 28th, 2011: Werner A. Schöffel displayed four works in the context of the exhibition Kunstwerk Werkkunst XVII at Schloss Reinbek. Find here on assortment.

·Maria von Neunkirchen· im Park von Schloss Reinbek

2010 Ausstellung

Werner Schöffel presented his ·Corpus· as part of the group exhibition at the gallery 2Garage2Reloaded: eleven perspectives on the subject ·Der Tod wird wach· (·Death Awakens·)

die Arbeit ·Corpus· auf Leuchtkasten

2000 Ausstellung

das mit Federn bedruckte Zelt


In the year 2000 this tent has been pitched within the group exhibition „Zeitläufe“ (courses of time) at the Art and Culture Days in Neu-Ulm. On the outside the subject of feathers have been printed on the tent. Hence the sheltering skin reveals a screen of our derivative experience. The feather imprint simulates something natural without being present. Much less it is difficult for the average exhibition visitor to correlate the feathers to the bird’s species. The ground sheet in the tent was covered with soil. The nature lover would name it dirt and clean the tent before laying down on the plastic skin.